Saturday, April 9, 2011

Regina the Zombie Slayer, Episode Thirteen: Potential Supplies

Regina drew a deep breath of cold morning air and headed east down the road. The pine woods flanked her either side, and her feet echoed off the asphalt and into silence. There was no sound here, not even of birds. It was like everything had died overnight and she was the only one left. She clung tightly to her skillet and suppressed an urge to cry. Her damp clothes chilled her in the cool breeze had made her start to shiver, but the sun was warm - she hoped that as the day drew on, it would warm up. The sky for now was a clear, pure blue, promising a beautiful day that conflicted madly with the fact that a real, live zombie apocalypse was unfolding.

She rounded a bend, scanning the tree line for any threat. For now, the woods were clear. She walked on for thirty minutes. She finally came upon a gas station at an intersection. Suppressing a shiver, she ran ahead to a small truck still sitting at the pump. It was empty, its driver having abandoned it for some reason. As she finally reached the gas station, she noticed the smell of death and three bodies lying prone on the pavement. She walked quietly, hoping that they were not close to reanimating into the walking dead.

She softly opened the door of the vehicle. She got inside, thankful to be out of the cold wind. The key was still in the ignition. She pulled out the keys, about to turn them in the ignition.

But before she did, she looked inside the store. Inside, there would surely be food. lighter fluid, better weapons, warmer clothes - not to mention anything else she might need. It might be a good idea to stock up.

But Regina looked at the three bodies lying on the ground riddled with bite marks. Maybe it just wasn't worth the risk. But if she was going toward the highway, she would surely run into more of the ghouls - and now might be the only time she had to get supplies. She could sneak up on each of the bodies and bash their heads in before they even had a chance to reanimate. The prospect of doing this terrified her - yet her stomach growled in hunger and her body shivered with cold.

Was it worth the risk?

What should Regina do?
Go inside and get supplies,
Just drive away?

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  1. Regina is cold and hungry. Get supplies!!!!!

  2. Get supplies. No brainer. BRAAIIINNNSSS