Saturday, February 26, 2011

Regina the Zombie Slayer, Episode Four: Which Escape?

The zombies formed a half ring, constricting Regina toward the wall of the apartment. There was no way she could take on this many.

She had to run.

Regina spied a small opening between two of the ghouls on the right.

It was her only chance.

She darted forward as the zombies lunged toward her with snapping jaws. But Regina was fast. She ran between them, brushing shoulders and nearly getting bitten from their twin snaps. She ran past and broke free of the ring.

She ran around the apartment to find only more ghouls. Being the only living person outside meant that every zombie was homed in on her. A new circle formed, and once again tightened.

The unearthly moans were almost deafening, but through the din Regina could make out a car engine. Not too far she saw a small white car driving out of the parking lot.

"Hey! Wait!"

Regina sprinted toward the car. Thankfully, it slowed to a stop. Inside, two guys were yelling at each other. Apparently, the passenger didn't want the driver to make this stop. The driver, a goofy looking blonde with long hair who looked quintessentially California, made a desperate wave for Regina to join them.

As she was halfway to the car, Regina broke free of the undead ring enclosing her. But something made her pause. The streets were clogged with stalled cars and the ghouls were out in full force. Was it possible to survive in such a state? It was only a matter of time before the car crashed. Stalling out on a zombie-ridden street would not be the best of situations.

But the two were potential allies, and if Regina hesitated too long, they could get impatient and drive off.

But there were also some woods behind her apartment. Regina could try to shelter in them, and getting there would be relatively easy - the zombies had not yet entered that part of the parking lot.

Regina had two choices - to quickly jump in the car with the two guys, or to make her own way toward the forest.

What should Regina do:

Jump in the car,
Hide in the woods?

Place your vote in the comments section and return this Monday to see if Regina survives once again. And don't make this decision her last.


  1. Head to the woods. The clogged road is a deathtrap!!

  2. Woods! but she has to have a place to go in mind. She needs supplies and long term shelter. The woods would allow her to clear her mind and also allow her to go anywhere by foot. Maybe she could grab a bike on the way past the apartments, if one was unlocked. This would provide faster transportation.