Sunday, February 13, 2011

Regina the Zombie Slayer

You know her as the perpetual whiner and annoying girlfriend in Night of the Necromancer - but what if things had been different?

What if Regina was never rescued by her boyfriend, who thought she would only hurt his chances of escape?

So much chivaly. And now, with zombies pressing in on every side, Regina is alone, afraid, and abandoned. The ghoulish monsters outside her apartment are just waiting to tear her apart.

And you, readers, will decide her fate.

How it will work:

Regina the Zombie Slayer will feature 250-500 word posts written from Regina's point of view, released at a rate of about three times per week.

At the end of each post, one of two decisions will need to be made. Readers will vote on each decision in the comments section, and whichever gets the most votes is the course the story will take - for better or for worse.

This is not a sequel, so no prior knowledge is needed. Just read and have fun!

When will it start?

Tomorrow, the first part of Regina the Zombie Slayer will be posted. Readers will immediately have the chance to read and vote on her next choice.

Will Regina survive? Will she become the greatest zombie slayer of all time? Will she have the chance to confront her cruel boyfriend, for either vengeance or mercy's sake?

Her fate awaits you in Regina the Zombie Slayer.

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