Monday, February 28, 2011

Regina the Zombie Slayer, Episode Five: Forget Those California Boys

Regina took a deep breath...and turned from the car. She was doing well on her own, and her gut told her to stay on her own for now.

The car peeled off into the darkness behind her. She spared a thought to wish them well.

They would need it.

Regina let go of all idle thought. She was ran straight back toward the path of zombies that now stood between her and the woods.

Regina picked up her speed as the lead zombie sauntered toward her. She swung her trusty pan and clocked it on the head . Blood, thick and black, sprayed in an arch as the zombie's head sailed to the ground and rolled across the pavement.

"Eww, eww, eww!"

She kept up her sprinting pace, even if the smell assaulting her nostrils made her want to hurl.

Two more zombies approached. The ribs of one were clearly exposed through its ripped clothing and flesh. The other's intestines fell from its stomach as it lumbered forward. It tripped on the tubular flesh and fell to the ground.

The one still on its feet reached Regina first. She clotheslined the ghoul just like the other one. Its head came off even easier. The head bounced and cracked open like a rotten egg. Dead brain matter spilled onto the concrete.

Regina didn't miss a beat as she stomped the other zombie that had tripped, reducing its head to a bloody pulp. The worst part was ruining her shoe.

That's when she saw the bicycle rack. Five bikes were there for the taking. All Regina had to do was pick one. And fortunately, no more zombies barred her path for the time being.

Regina skidded to a stop in front of the racks. She checked to see if they were chained.

Locked. Locked. Locked.

The fourth bike, a red and grey Mongoose, was not chained.

"Thank God!"

Regina's careless shout drew instant attention from nearby zombies.


She hopped on the bike and peddled toward the woods.

A line of zombies formed in her wake and chased her down.

Regina coasted into the trees. Navigating became difficult as concrete gave way to uneven gravel and dirt.

She stopped the bike and made herself think. The moans of the trail of undead were uncomfortably close.

She didn't know what to do. The highway was to the west. She could head for the road and ride alongside it to wherever the pavement took her. But surely there would be many horrible dangers there.

Her only other choice was to travel deeper into the woods. But there were trees, wild creatures, and almost complete darkness. These woods extended for miles and miles. Getting lost was a very real possibility, and encountering ghouls in this dark place was not an appealing idea.

Even though the risks of both decisions were high, she remained calm.

She hadn't expected an easy way out anyway.

The first few zombies now stumbled through the first line of trees. She had to get moving.

She looked down at her pan for a moment.

I'm gonna need to get an upgrade sometime.

Regina placed her foot on the bike pedals again. It was time to brave up or die.

What should Regina do?

Go deeper into the woods,
Head west for the highway?

Will Regina survive? It's up to you. Place your vote now and return Thursday for the next gory episode.

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  1. If a zombie moans in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Might as well find out by heading to the woods!